Terms for 2014:


recruitment classes  start classes end
May 8th- May 15th June 2nd August 15th
September 10th – September 17th October 1st December 19th


Personal registration is a necessary condition for starting classes. You need to come to headquarters of Help Center  for Foreigners during recruitment time in order to sign for course.


Please bring  documents which proves your legal status in Poland. If you studied Polish before you will have to take placement test.


If there is not enough candidates for each level we do not create group. It means that even if you registered for course and took placement test you may not get into group.


In the first place we create groups on levels where is the biggest amount of candidates, then we take candidates availability for classes and at the end all applications are processed in the order they were received.


For more information you can call our center or email us at polski@fundacjaocalenie.org.pl